A More Honest Look into MBTI Descriptions: The ESTP – NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY $24.99!!!


You’re probably losing money just looking at these people. What a sap!

Keirsey Description: “The Promoter”

Honest Description: “The Incidental People Puppeteer”

Prototypical Examples: Vince Offer the “Sham-WOW!” guy, Mr. Krabs, Billy Mays, P. T. Barnum, Harvey Dent (Two-Face) from the Batman Universe, General George S. Patton, Al Capone, Madonna, Eddy from “Ed, Edd, n Eddy,” Hades from the Disney classic “Hercules”


- Great at billiards!

- Make excellent salespeople

- We’re apologize for the inconvenience, but all the other pros have been tax evaded by the ESTP Mob


- Can be superficial in their life goals

- Hedonistic

- As for as Perceptionals go, they really aren’t that Perceptional

- For more Cons, you must be suscribed as a premium member. Sign up today for only $5.99 a month!

Reasoning: The ESTP is, like all XSXP’s, in search of having a good time. The ESTP if often fond of two things: money and success. I like to think of the mediocrely developed ESTP as your average everyday man: “The Average Joe,” so to speak. The average ESTP is just going to lie around all day, watching television, going to work, blah blah blah. But the well-developed ESTP is quite a character! They make entertaining conversationalists and often offer unique mixes of conventional and experimental wisdom. But be warned! You might end up with less money in your pocket thanks to them by the end of the day. ESTP’s make great hustlers, and Jesus are they good at billiards! Really, the motivated ESTP can be great at anything they can hustle someone in. These are the guys you see at a bar that are going to talk politics with you no matter what…it’s simply unavoidable, or about their vast 7,000 vinyl collection, and about how music just isn’t as good as it used to be. They have an opinion on everything, it seems. There’s a good chance your dad was an ESTP, who would go on rants and forget what the Hell he was even talking about. They socially dominate at Thanksgiving Dinners, and are quite likely to embarrass the family by getting in arguments at family reunions with obscure “relatives” or public sporting events. ESTP’s don’t like being controlled, especially by other ESTP’s. Really, they are their own worst enemy. Female ESTP’s aren’t usually as con artist-like as their male counterparts, but they are equally capable of persuading people. ESTP’s make great salespeople. I’d reckon that 85% of cars salesmen or the guys who write all the pop-up internet ads are ESTP’s. If you want to motivate an ESTP to do something for you, just tell them there’s some money at the end of the maze.

When compared to their Feeling counterpart, the ESFP, the similarity is shown in how both types are more universally compatible with other types than any other type. Both ESFP’s and ESTP’s can fit themselves in comfortably in the presence of most personalities. ESTP’s, however, resemble ESTJ’s a little more in that they are usually (albeit often involuntarily) acting upon people, rather than acting with them. The ESFP is just there to party and have fun. The ESTP is there to smooth talk their way into enjoyment and success, and so they tend to be socially divulging, while the ESFP rather just be looked at, so to speak. The ESFP is more of a social exhibitionist. ESTP’s want to (usually unintentionally) control the crowd; ESFP’s just want to entertain.

Compared to their Introverted counterpart, the ISTP, both types enjoy being in the middle of action. Both types are likely to enjoy having a wide array of options to go about entertaining themselves. They are the typical “kids in the candy store” and get excited by having many doors open to their pleasure seeking goals. Both types are very blunt about what they think, and aren’t the type of people to “read between the lines.” Both types have a knack for biting off more than they can chew, getting themselves into trouble, or repeating the same mistake as they did before, often being firm believers in “third time is the charm!” ISTP’s are more adept at restraining their emotions than ESTP’s are, and for this reason alone might be a little more successful at digging themselves out of the holes they have dug themselves into. ESTP’s are more likely to be attached to society and its convections than ISTP’s, who are more or less the perfect anarchists. ESTP’s are going to value their position in society more than the ISTP, who could really care less and rather just be out in the wild of the world enjoying themselves. Basically, ESTP’s are going to go out and get shit done. They are more impulsive than ISTP’s. ISTP’s are going to carefully assess a situation before acting upon it, and then work at it from a more reserved, mechanical point of view.

Compared to their iNtuitive cousins, the ENTP, both types are going to enjoy having multiple projects open concerning things to work with. ENTP’s are going to have more idealistic and object related hobbies and projects, as opposed to the people and thing related hobbies and projects of the ESTP. Both types tend to be crafty and expressive speakers. While the ESTP is inventive with getting people to do things, the ENTP is inventive with getting things to do things. The ESTP is the con-artist working out in the world of people, while the ENTP is the mad scientist locked up in his basement inventing the next great scientific invention, which the ESTP may one day go on to sell on television FOR ONLY $19.99!!! NO SHIPPING OR HANDLING!!!

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