MBTI Distribution Chart

MBTI Distribution Chart


Red = Female
Blue = Male
Gray = Average of both sexes

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13 thoughts on “MBTI Distribution Chart

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  3. I’m a female NT and this chart explains a lot… So we’re pretty much the opposite of most females in the US – or is this chart representative of a larger area? The world?

      • I definitely think it’s something to be proud of! However I also think we have to be extra creative to figure out how to get any kind of recognition or attention. Or make tons of money.

        This year has been a year of a lot of changes for me and one thing I’ve learned is that I have to start owning my talents and actually be proud of them. There are people with a lot less talents or abilities but who have so much self esteem and are so aware of the one thing they’re good at that they can sell that one thing, however shallow it may be, and make money with it, and be on the map so to say.

        Maybe this just my personal issue but I’ve never patted myself on the back for the things I did, created, figured out etc. And I am realizing that there are a lot!

        I’ve also just bought a couple of self help books for introverts which do have some good pointers. (Search on amazon. There are a few bestsellers. )

        I’m tired of being on the sidelines and having all these shallow people telling me how great they are, even though they got barely if anything to offer.

        I want to figure out how to portray myself in front of others in a way that is accurate, not bragging and without being annoying. And that is elegant and cool.

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